Another Update On The Eco-Disaster:

We have now simplified the program and have made it easier for us to control the claw... Attached is a video of it working...

Update On The Eco-Disaster Challenge:

As a back-up plan, our team has also decided to operate the claw manually, with the remote control. We have made a start to the program. Below is a video of it...

Our Test Barrels:

We have 3D printed our test barrels to practice with. Check tomorrow's post for more...
Update On The Zombie Apocalypse (2):

Our team has now managed to fire shots from the gun, using the remote control. Here is a video below, concluding the progress we made on the mechanism for The Zombie Apocalypse Challenge...

Update On The Zombie Apocalypse:

We have decided to use more controls on the control and have achieved this by using our programming skills. Here is a video, below, of it in action... You can see the program on the laptop as we press the buttons.

Another Update To The Eco-Disaster:

We have now mounted the camera on the RBMG Reactor and have started to program it to recognise the barrels. However, it does need some improvement. Here is a video attached to show the start of our program...

Update On The Eco-Disaster and Zombie Apocalypse:

Eco-Disaster - Our team has now mounted the claw onto the car but haven't programmed it yet.

Zombie Apocalypse - We have stuck a laser pointer on, to help us aim, and have programmed both the joysticks and the dpad keys. Below is a video of it working...

Remote Control

To help us aim and fire or adjust the car's position, we have programmed some buttons on the controller to move the car bit by bit, left or right. This would be very useful in many cases. Following, is a short clip of this working...

The Eco-Disaster:

For this challenge, we have decided to it with a remote control. Our team has chosen to mount a claw on the chassis and have worked the claw with motors to open and close it. Below is a video of the claw active...

The claw is designed to have a strong grip on the barrel so that it doesn't fall whilst the car moving. We are still working on the program of controlling the claw with the controller, so watch out for the updates on this blog...

We have completed the stage of controlling the RBMG Reactor with a controller. Below is a video clip where you can see the program active whilst we control the car. The program, displayed on the laptop, shows the motors activated and buttons pressed:

The Zombie Apocalypse:
For The Zombie Apocalypse, our team have designed a firing mechanism for a Nerf gun, so that when we press a button on the controller, it fires a bullet and reloads for the next shot automatically. This will be mounted on the robot with a laser pointer to help us aim at the zombies more easily with more accuracy.  

The RBMG Reactor

Who we are:
Hi, we are a group of students from Graveney School that have worked together to create the RBMG Reactor. The RBMG Reactor is a smart, intelligent and powerful robot that is empowered by us, designed for smashing the PiWars 2020 competition.

Our Theme & Context: Since this year's competition is a disaster theme, the RBMG Reactor is based on the theme of the Chernobyl Disaster, which was a massive nuclear accident that occurred in 1986. Sadly many lives were lost in this fatal futility. We would like to take this competition to also commemorate and pay tribute to the tragedy.

Our Design: The RBMG Reactor has been designed to reflect the disaster by mounting structures, related to the disaster, on the robot such as the tower in Chernobyl. In the RBMG Reactor's case, the tower acts as a tall edifice for the camera to mount on (to be used for the maze challenge).

On the Vehicle Chassis, we are going to comprehensively incorporate the idea of blocks p…